PostgreSQL Meta-Command using psql: Generic Information

In our last blog we have discussed the history of origination of PostgreSQL database. This database, like all other RDBMS, has more than one interface to connect to the database. PostgreSQL has psql program as command line interface (CLI) and PgAdmin as graphical user interface (GUI)

psql as complete set of commands through which we can connect and perform database activities. These are called META Commands.

I will list meta commands which will be helpful for a developer & DBA to perform their database activities. We can use these meta commands in scripting for administrative purpose. Meta command is a psql command and can be used in terminal using psql or in script using psql. It will be started using \ (back slash)

Let’s start exploring these commands one by one. In next few blogs I will be explaining these commands with examples.

In next blog we will see how to connect to the psql using different users, port and databases

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