Cloud database war: Advantage shifting to Red?

With its inception in 2006, Amazon AWS has definitely gone a long way.  Engineers from Amazon worked really-really well which has not only completely changed the horizon of cloud but also emerges as one of the boon for any business to adopt.  Although, there are many other vendors available in the cloud market and they also are doing fairly well and growing rapidly, however, with time Amazon AWS is become synonym of CLOUD.

With growing impact of cloud on business, all biggies left with no choice but to enter into this “WAR” and interestingly this becomes the “WAR with Amazon Vs every other biggie”.  Say it Microsoft via “Azure”, SAP via “SAP Cloud Platform” or latter joined by Oracle via its Cloud services, all have engaged themselves into cloud war to supersede the growing market and try to overshadow Amazon AWS market share.

At one hand, most of the Database giant were busy trying themselves to establish into cloud market against Amazon AWS, on the other hand The RED ( ) was busy building its database more robust, more secured, more fault tolerant, highly optimized which can handle multi terabytes data in the most secured way.  This gives an upper hand to Oracle which established it in to the database market.  Oracle has established itself in such a way that all major cloud players has forced to provide their customer oracle database as one of the options.

With the passing time, In-premises database become costlier with its every release, both in terms of license and operations, database hosted on clouds are getting cheaper with technology innovation.  Even the same oracle database become much cheaper on Amazon AWS cloud with “Pay only for your Usages” facility than “In-Premises”.

With Oracle 12c in the market in 2013, Oracle has pushed a database product in to the market which is really built for cloud and clear its intention that it is not going to let this market share go.  Within 4 years of this, in 2017, they come-up with an amazing database product which is going to create lot of heat in the cloud database market.

With the buzzword “Autonomous”, this this product is so special that it has catches eyes of many CEOs even before its release. Termed as Oracle 18c, this product is the elegant fusion of Cyber security, Machine Learning, database together.  While Cyber security is making this database secured from any external threat, ML helping this database healing by itself (using db patching) automatically and responding back to the threat with more robustness.  The best part is, machine learning making all these efforts automatic i.e. without any human intervention.  Its autonomous does not even stop here even.  Routine DBA activities, New database configuration, recovery, performance tuning all these falls under the purview of its ML automation.  This simply means ZERO human resource (Oracle DBA) required for new Oracle 18c database.  This gives an upper hand to business who can apply their skilled resources in another quality works which adds further values to the business. Oracle does not stop themselves here only.  They have applied the gist of cloud technology “Pay only for your Usages” in really true sense where a customer will be billed only for the hardware resources utilized and not allocated.  They term this as “Elastic”.  Well known Oracle performance meets the “Elasticity” enables Oracle to write into the contract specifically that Bill will be cut by half with respect to Amazon AWS.

With various demo shown in OOW-2017, this database on Oracle cloud proved itself 8-15 times cheaper than Amazon AWS Redshift while performing nearly 10 times faster.  Is this a sign of taking cloud database war to a new horizon and shifting the advantage in cloud market from Amazon Redshift on AWS towards Oracle 18c on Oracle cloud?

Well, very soon we will be able to figure this out when in December 2017 & June 2018 this database will release its first version. However, whatever the result of this new tussle would, I definitely see the new era of cloud database market where customer will be having an upper hand with every new bit added to this “WAR”.

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