July 4, 2017


Sanjeeva Kumar



Sanjeeva is blogging on various databases since 2005.


My expertise covers the area of Performance Tuning, Backup Strategy & Database Security on Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.

My expertise extends to Capacity Planning, PL/SQL Application development, Data migrations and conversions, Database Migration including Time series & NoSQL databases.

With a deeper understanding of databases, I am Successfully able to convert database-related customer escalations into their appreciations in the quickest time on many occasions. I have worked extensively on statistics & histograms, SQL Plan stability, SQL trace files, Profiler, database instance optimizations, query optimizations, Database modeling, pg_stat_statements, pg_audit, PostGIS, managing tablespaces & storage. Also, successfully orchestrated migration of multi-terabyte database into Production.

I am currently associated with Nagarro Software Pvt Ltd

Twitter: @kumarsanjeeva

Facebook: Velocitizing Performance
LinkedIn : SanjeevaKumar