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Area of Expertise

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Performance Tuning

My comprehensive understanding of core performance issues of databases, my Optimization Techniques result in maximizing the speed and efficiency of instances and SQL queries for databases like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

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Capacity Planning

With a deeper understanding of Capacity Management challenges, my estimation of the object’s growth and storage usages is highly accurate, which improves visibility for the management on resources’ capacity planning and also helps in saving costs.

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Backup Strategy

Defining guidelines for organizations and database administrators helps them in devising a backup strategy specific to their environment. My objective is to focus beyond “valid copy of backup” while creating a backup strategy.

Go to Data Security

Data Security

Focusing on continuous evaluation of the database environment is the key for me to avoid any security lapses introduced in due course of the development lifecycle. Attaching equal importance to the identification of vulnerabilities of the database makes my solution more secure.

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Data Modeling

A good data model not only adds flexibility for the developers but also add spices to database performance. My sound expertise of almost two decades on the database makes it easy for me to prepare a best suited, specifically designed data model design for any situations like multi-lingual, data in TBs, Monolithic or Microservice.


Associate Principal Engineer

Performance Tuning  |  Database Architect  |   Data Engineer | DBA
Database expert since 2005

My expertise covers the area of Performance Tuning, Backup Strategy & Database Security on Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.

My expertise extends to Capacity Planning, PL/SQL Application development, Data migrations and conversions, Database Migration including Time series & NoSQL databases.

With a deeper understanding of databases, I am Successfully able to convert database-related customer escalations into their appreciations in the quickest time on many occasions. I have worked extensively on statistics & histograms, SQL Plan stability, SQL trace files, Profiler, database instance optimizations, query optimizations, Database modeling, pg_stat_statements, pg_audit, PostGIS, managing tablespaces & storage. Also, successfully orchestrated migration of multi-terabyte database into Production.

I am currently associated with Nagarro Software Pvt Ltd


Since 2005