MapReduce Unwinding … Reduce

Once this shuffling completed, it is where REDUCE come into action.  Its task is to process the input given by SHUFFLE into the output so that user can understand what is the result of the file processed by hadoop. After shuffling completed, it is clear that one word will be processed by only one DN and not Read more about MapReduce Unwinding … Reduce[…]

MapReduce Unwinding … Sort & Shuffle

This is in continuation of MapReduce Processing …… This output will be input for next process which is SORT. Sort takes this [L<K,V>] and sorts all the words in order of alpha bates (a to z) on each DN. Sorted arrangement on DNs : DN -1: NODE – 1 [ L (K, V)] PKT-1(K) V Read more about MapReduce Unwinding … Sort & Shuffle[…]

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